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These testimonials — experiences with myofascial release in Asheville and nearby — are here to help you get a sense of what my clients' experiences are with me and how treatments have helped them.  I look forward to helping you change the way YOU feel in YOUR body.

See my Google reviews here - and add one of your own if you've experienced myofascial release!

  "I used to be in a great deal of pain,  sometimes a 9 on the scale of 1-10, sometimes a 10. (That means screaming.) Usually 8. I tried steroid shots and opiates. The opiates made me sick and the shots didn’t address the amount of pain I felt all over. I’ve had a lot of injuries and operations.  Over several 1 hour sessions, Dana has gently but firmly broken up scar tissue where some of my operations and injuries were (back, stomach, leg).  She does not force a release; that would be painful.  Dana also gives advice on specific stretches that help areas of tightness and pain.  Not only am I at a lower pain level throughout the day, 3 at the most, but my posture, balance and gait have changed, too.  I never use a cane these days and I used to need one. Miracle? No, just myofascial release therapy.  Dana is a lovely, positive person, very gentle and very strong. She beats taking painkillers and getting shots hands down! (Forgive the pun.)" 

                                                                       Lisa Wilt


  "If there was something brighter than a glowing review, I would write it for Dana Eakins, LMBT who is practicing Myofascial Release therapy here in Hendersonville!

Prior to the Myofascial Release sessions I had with Dana, I had a need for regular chiropractic adjustments that had been ongoing for many years. I had great results with chiropractic adjustments and other types of massage but these results were always temporary and my symptoms kept recurring. Dana was able to gently target where tensions in my body had become chronic and were regularly pulling my lower back and pelvis out of alignment.  In just the first session, I experienced very significant improvement in my mobility and after just a short series of sessions with Dana, I did not need to have a chiropractic adjustment for over a year! In addition to the body work, Dana coached me on several stretches I could do myself and encouraged me to work with a foam roller so I could continue releasing tightness on my own and restore balance in my body to prevent pain.


Myofascial Release work is subtle and powerful. After this therapy, I am maintaining my alignment and balance much better than I have with any other body work. The difference in my comfort after working with Dana is truly impressive."

                                                              Karen Comstock



  "I just recently had my first Myofascial Release session with Dana, and in one word, it was AMAZING!  Dana was the utmost professional.  She asked what I wanted to accomplish, assessed my situation and explained in detail her process and what I should expect during my session.  Several times, as she worked, and even though it felt that she was just using very moderate pressure, I could feel my body releasing tension and pain.  I knew immediately following the treatment that healing had taken place.  I had been experiencing quite a bit of pain in my right shoulder and since then, that has been significantly reduced.  There was also no discomfort related to Dana's treatment.  I actually fell asleep for a period of time as she was working.  Afterward, I felt so relaxed, and could feel things happening in my body the rest of the day and that evening and night.  It was truly extraordinary!  Dana definitely gets my "WOW" vote!!  Thank you so much, Dana!"

                                                                      David Watts



   "Dana is a wonderfully compassionate massage therapist.  I always leave sessions with her feeling more grounded, centered and spacious. She creates a warm and inviting healing environment where it is easy to let go of the trials of the day and just be present with her knowing hands."

                                                                          Ali Gailliot



   "After dealing with leg and hip pain for many months, I discovered the healing hands of Dana Eakins.  I can now walk up steps with no pain!  She has made my body feel so much better and I look forward to each session!"

                                                                   Sue Trollinger



   "I didn’t know what to expect from Myofascial Release, or for that matter, Dana.  After trying a number of modalities to relieve knee pain (caused in large part by congenital malformation of bone structure and arthritis), I was referred to Dana.  She is both an intuitive and dedicated practitioner of MFR, who is eager to work with her clients towards health and healing.  More than a “quick fix,” MFR for me is an alternative approach to healing that unlocked emotional and physical energy blocks that I never imagined I had.  “Unlocking” some of these blocked areas has freed up energy previously unavailable, allowing it to be used for the work of healing.  I highly recommend MFR and Dana, and encourage anyone considering this modality to try it."

                                                           Josefa Mandarino



   "Before finding Dana, I spent many hours (and dollars) with a hospital-based physical therapy program. They weren’t making any significant progress in repairing the tightness or pain in my upper back and neck area. A physician friend of mine encouraged me to seek myofascial therapy. This is powerful stuff.


Dana Eakins is a massage therapist in the purest sense. She is a skilled and knowledgeable myofascial pain release practitioner. She takes the time to find the causes and origin of the pain, then applies her technique to release that pain.


I have had twelve sessions and have made wonderful progress with Dana’s work. The end of my pain is finally in sight! I plan to continue my massage therapy with Dana on a regular monthly and as-needed basis."

                                                              Patrick Donahue


No, just myofascial release therapy."

" taking painkillers and getting shots hands down! (Forgive the pun.)"

 "I never use a cane these days and I used to need one."

"Dana is a lovely, positive person, very gentle and very strong."

"I can now walk up steps with no pain!"

"In just the first session, I experienced very significant improvement in my mobility..."

"It was truly extraordinary!  Dana definitely gets my 'WOW' vote!!"

"This is powerful stuff.  The end of my pain is finally in sight!"

MYOFASCIAL HEALING with Dana Eakins - offering Myofascial Release (MFR) in Western NC.
Conscious touch to facilitate your natural healing process.
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