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Myofascial Release Therapy for Pediatrics in Asheville, NC

Happy Baby

Myofascial Release Therapy is very effective and well-suited for infants and children since tissues are not forcefully manipulated. Fascial restrictions are gently held at the barrier for as long as it takes for the tissues to release. 

When babies or older children have chronic pain or any noticeable dysfunction, fascial restrictions are often present. In the pediatric population fascial restrictions are often a result of the fetus' position in utero and are present at birth. Craniosacral Therapy techniques are highly effective in newborns and babies in treating any misalignments, sleep issues, digestive disorders, and inconsolable crying to name a few. Pediatric Myofascial Release in Asheville can address each of these symptoms, 

Another myofascial restriction that has become increasingly predominate in newborns are tongue ties, lip ties, and cheek ties. This therapy can be highly effective with pre and post procedures if lip or tongue tie surgery is needed. In mild cases, Pediatric Myofascial Release therapy (in Asheville, right here) may be all that is needed.

To get started on Myofascial Release Pediatric Therapy in Asheville, book online right here or call us at (828) 458-7218! Be sure to fill out this form and bring it to your child's session.

"Dana was able to help our son so much! We brought him to her at 8 weeks old to help with a tongue tie. We also learned he had some restrictions from birth trauma. Even after the first session we noticed so much improvement - a more relaxed body overall, no longer favoring one side, and he went from sleeping on his side to relaxed and comfortable on his back. We noticed much more facial and tongue mobility after her work. Dana has such a kind and calm demeanor and our baby was the most calm and relaxed we'd ever seen him during his sessions. We were so impressed with the improvements we saw over the course of our sessions!"

— Kari H.


"My three year old son has a tongue tie so I sought out myofascial release to see if it could be released naturally. Dana was wonderful with my son, really listening to my concerns and interacting with him well as she helped release during the sessions. We saw results almost immediately and in four sessions, my son's tongue had functional movement that was noted not only by us but by his speech therapist. I was grateful that Dana not only focused on his mouth area, but looked at James holistically and worked to bring him the most comfort possible through myofascial release."

— Leeann S.

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