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Myofascial Release Therapy for Neck + Shoulder Pain in Asheville, NC

Have you felt achy lately?


Most of us are chronically stressed, desk-bound, and/or working on the computer for much of the day, which creates the perfect environment for pain and discomfort around the neck and shoulders.


Athletes can also develop neck and shoulder issues from repetitive movements.


But what if traditional massage in Asheville just isn’t cutting it for you?


What is often not recognized in traditional therapies is the fact that neck and shoulder pain can also be originating from an unbalanced pelvis and tightness in the abdominal tissues.

Think of a yarn sweater.


When you pull on a string at the bottom, the top of the sweater is also affected. This is a good representation of our bodies’ facial system, and why I like to offer Myofascial Release in Asheville.


The human body is very smart, and constantly adapting to the positions it is put in throughout the day. Being in one position too long reshapes our fascial system, creating the feeling of being 'locked' in one position. We are basically telling our body that this position is our new normal. As soon as we move out of that position, we feel stiff and achy. Top this off with stress, and our bodies tighten down even more.


Myofascial Release increases blood flow and helps to re-align tissue to create more efficient movement patterns and postural positions. This therapy is a gentle and effective hands-on  technique that provides stretching, compression and sustained pressure into restricted areas of fascia in the body to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Instead of Conventional Massage Therapy in Asheville, try Myofascial Release!

People in the mountains of Western North Carolina work hard, and play hard.  If you’ve tried more conventional massage therapy in Asheville and haven’t been satisfied with the results, give Asheville’s premiere Myofascial Release practitioners an opportunity to work with you!


Give us a call at (828) 458 - 7218 to book your introductory session today.​

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