Myofascial Release Therapy for Pediatrics in Asheville, NC & Savannah, GA

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Another myofascial restriction that has become increasingly predominate in newborns are tongue ties, lip ties, and cheek ties. This therapy can be highly effective with pre and post procedures if lip or tongue tie surgery is needed. In mild cases, Myofascial Release therapy may be all that is needed.

Myofascial Release Therapy is very effective and well-suited for infants and children since tissues are not forcefully manipulated. Fascial restrictions are gently held at the barrier for as long as it takes for the tissues to release. 

When babies or older children have chronic pain or any noticeable dysfunction, fascial restrictions are often present. In the pediatric population fascial restrictions are often a result of the fetus' position in utero and are present at birth. Craniosacral techniques are highly effective in newborns and babies in treating any misalignments, sleep issues, digestive disorders, and inconsolable crying to name a few. 

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